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AP Psychology Unit Weightings?

Hey there! I'm studying for the AP Psychology exam and was wondering what percentage of the test each unit represents. Which units should I focus on more? I just want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hello! Understanding the weightings of each unit in the AP Psychology exam can definitely help you focus your study efforts effectively. Here's a breakdown of the approximate percentage of the exam each unit represents:

1. Scientific Foundations of Psychology: 10-14%

2. Biological Bases of Behavior: 8-10%

3. Sensation and Perception: 6-8%

4. Learning: 7-9%

5. Cognitive Psychology: 13-17%

6. Developmental Psychology: 7-9%

7. Motivation, Emotion, and Personality: 11-15%

8. Clinical Psychology: 12-16%

9. Social Psychology: 8-10%

Based on these weightings, you might want to prioritize units with higher percentages – especially Cognitive Psychology, Motivation/Emotion/Personality, and Clinical Psychology. However, it's still essential to review all the units as each section contributes to your overall score.

If you're pressed for time or need to identify your weaker areas, consider taking a practice exam to find the areas that need more attention. Additionally, using resources like the official College Board AP classroom materials, AP review books, and study websites (like CollegeVine) can help reinforce the concepts presented throughout the course.

Best of luck with your studying, and I'm sure you'll perform well on the AP Psychology exam!

7 months ago

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