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When does WashU send out acceptance letters?

Hey, fellow applicants! I've applied to WashU and now I'm anxiously waiting for the results. Does anyone know when they usually send out acceptance letters or release decisions online? Best of luck to you all!

7 months ago

Hello! The timeline for receiving acceptance letters from Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) depends on the application plan you chose. Here's an overview of the general decision release timeframes:

Early Decision I: If you applied under the Early Decision I plan, decisions are typically released in mid-December.

Early Decision II: For applicants who chose the Early Decision II plan, decisions are often released in mid-February.

Regular Decision: If you applied through Regular Decision, you can expect to receive your decision in late March or early April.

Keep in mind that these are rough timeframes, and specific dates could change from year to year. To stay updated on the decision release dates, I recommend periodically checking your WashU applicant portal and keeping an eye on your email. Best of luck with your application, and I hope you get great news from WashU!

7 months ago

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