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1320 PSAT to 1400+ SAT, is it possible?

Hi all, I scored a 1320 on my PSAT and I would really like to score 1400+ on my SAT. How feasible is this and what strategies can I use to improve my score? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

7 months ago

Hi! It is definitely possible to improve your PSAT score of 1320 to a 1400+ on the SAT with some dedicated preparation and smart strategies. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal:

1. Analyze your PSAT score report: Determine your strengths and weaknesses by looking at the breakdown of your PSAT scores. Focus on the areas that need improvement, as this is where you'll see the biggest gains.

2. Create a study plan: Set a realistic study schedule that allows enough time to cover all of the material, review your progress, and take practice tests. Make sure to set specific goals for each study session to keep yourself oriented and motivated.

3. Use reliable resources: Utilize official SAT prep materials released by the College Board, as well as trusted third-party resources like Khan Academy and CollegeVine, which offer free SAT prep.

4. Take practice tests: Regularly taking full-length practice tests under timed conditions will help you become familiar with the test format, identify areas of improvement, and track your progress. Analyze your results to refine your study plan and prioritize which areas to focus on.

5. Develop test-taking strategies: Learn techniques that can boost your score, such as process of elimination, plugging in answer choices, and analyzing your time management.

6. Stay consistent and disciplined: Regular, focused practice is essential for achieving your goal. It's better to study in shorter, consistent sessions over a longer period of time than to cram right before the test.

7. Seek help if needed: If you're struggling with particular concepts or sections, consider seeking guidance from a teacher, tutor, or online forums.

Remember, increasing your SAT score by 80+ points is achievable but requires commitment, discipline, and a strategic approach to studying. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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