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UC PIQ creativity examples

Hey everyone! I'm working on my UC Personal Insight Questions and I'm looking for some inspiration for the creativity prompt. Could anyone share some examples or experiences they've used in their essays that successfully showcase their creativity?

7 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're considering the creativity prompt for your UC Personal Insight Questions. When brainstorming, focus on experiences that reflect your unique perspective, resourcefulness, or innovative thinking. Here are a few examples to spark your inspiration:

1. Artistic Endeavors: If you're passionate about a creative field, such as painting, photography, graphic design, or filmmaking, discuss a project that reflects your talent and growth in the field. Describe the process or emotions involved, as well as any positive outcomes (e.g., entering your work in an art show, garnering attention online, or even influencing someone in your life).

2. Problem Solving: Share an experience where you used creative thinking to solve a problem or improve a situation, either personal or within a group setting. For instance, you might talk about designing a more efficient study schedule, developing a unique fundraising idea for a club, or streamlining a workflow in a part-time job.

3. Initiatives and Entrepreneurship: If you've started a small business, launched a community project, or founded a club or organization, write about the innovative aspects that set your enterprise apart. Highlight your creativity in coming up with the idea, as well as how you promoted, marketed, or attracted others to your cause.

4. Overcoming Challenges: Describe a difficult situation you've encountered and explain how your creative thinking helped you find a solution or turn the adversity into an opportunity. For example, dealing with limited resources for a community service project could lead you to repurpose materials or find cost-efficient strategies for reaching your goals.

5. Unique Interests: If you have a hobby or interest that sets you apart from others (e.g., creating homemade musical instruments, writing and performing comedy skits, or developing a vegetable garden using unconventional techniques), talk about how your creative passion has shaped your life or contributed to your personal growth.

Remember, these examples are just a starting point to help guide your brainstorming. Make sure to use an experience that's personal, reflective, and truly represents your creativity. Good luck with your Personal Insight Questions!

7 months ago

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