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When do ED1 decisions come out?

Hello! I applied Early Decision 1 (ED1) to my dream school and the anticipation is killing me! Can anyone tell me when these decisions usually come out? Is it the same for all colleges or does it vary depending on the school?

7 months ago

Hello! Congratulations on submitting your Early Decision 1 application - that's a big accomplishment! The release date for ED1 decisions varies depending on the college. Generally, decisions come out in mid-December, but the exact timeline can differ from one institution to another.

To find the specific decision release date for your dream school, I recommend checking the admissions section of the college's website. They will usually provide information on their decision release timeline. Additionally, you can try keeping an eye on online forums and college discussion threads, as fellow applicants might share insights or updates on decision release dates.

Ultimately, it's important to remember that the process can feel uncertain and anxiety-inducing, but try your best to focus on other aspects of life while you wait. Good luck, and I hope the outcome is in your favor!

7 months ago

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