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Khan Academy SAT Practice Test Accuracy

Yo, I've been using Khan Academy to prepare for my upcoming SAT. Just wondering, are their practice tests accurate representations of the real SAT exam? I want to make sure I'm using the best resources available. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's good to see that you're using Khan Academy to prepare for the SAT. Khan Academy's SAT practice tests are indeed a trustworthy resource since they partnered with the College Board, the organization that creates and administers the SAT. This collaboration ensures that the content, format, and difficulty of the questions in their practice tests closely resemble those of the actual exam.

However, it's important to not limit yourself to just one resource. While Khan Academy offers valuable practice, you might benefit from exploring additional materials as well, such as official College Board SAT prep materials, the CollegeVine blogs, and other reputable SAT prep books. By diversifying the resources you use, you'll be better prepared for any variations in question types and expose yourself to different strategies from various sources.

For more CollegeVine resources click here: https://www.collegevine.com/blog/search/sat%20prep

Remember that consistent practice and analyzing your mistakes will help you improve your score. Good luck with your SAT prep!

7 months ago

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