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Examples of extracurricular activities for college applications?

Hey everyone, I've heard that having extracurricular activities on my college applications is important. Can you help me understand what counts as an extracurricular? Tips and suggestions would be awesome.

7 months ago

Hello! You're right, extracurricular activities play a significant role in college applications, as they help demonstrate your interests, passions, and dedication outside of academics. An extracurricular activity is any organized, structured, or consistent pursuit, hobby, or commitment that you participate in outside of regular school hours. They can range from clubs, sports, and competitions to volunteering, internships, and personal projects.

Here is a list of examples divided into categories:

1. School clubs and organizations:

- Debate club

- Model United Nations

- Student government

- School newspaper or yearbook

2. Sports:

- School-sponsored sports teams (soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.)

- Club or recreational sports teams

- Athletics-related clubs (e.g., a running club)

3. Fine and performing arts:

- School theater productions

- Band, choir, or orchestra membership

- Dance or art classes

4. Community service and volunteering:

- Regularly tutoring kids at a local school or youth center

- Volunteering at an animal shelter or food bank

- Organizing a fundraiser or awareness campaign for a nonprofit organization

5. Academic competitions:

- National Science Bowl

- Math Olympiad

- Spelling Bee or Quiz Bowl

6. Internships and work experience:

- Internship at a local business or organization

- Part-time job at a store, coffee shop, or other establishment

- Summer jobs or internships

7. Personal projects and hobbies:

- Starting and managing a blog or YouTube channel

- Creating and selling handmade crafts online

- Building a computer or coding a video game

Remember, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to extracurricular activities. It's better to be deeply involved and committed to a few activities rather than superficially participating in many. Focus on pursuing your passions and seeking leadership roles or opportunities for growth within those activities. Good luck!

7 months ago

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