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Public deliberation topics - suggestions for a high school debate?

Hi everyone! My school is currently planning a debate and we need some public deliberation topics, preferably relating to college admissions or high school life. Do you guys have any interesting topic suggestions that would be relevant to us students?

7 months ago

Hi! It's awesome that your school is organizing a debate. Here are some public deliberation topics related to college admissions and high school life that could be interesting for you and your classmates:

1. Standardized testing: Should colleges continue to consider standardized test scores like the SAT and ACT for admissions, or should they become completely test-optional?

2. Affirmative action: Is affirmative action in college admissions a necessary policy to ensure diversity and equal opportunity, or does it create reverse discrimination?

3. Gap years: Are gap years beneficial for personal and professional growth before attending college, or do they lead to a lack of focus on academics?

4. College rankings: Do popular college rankings accurately reflect the quality of education and post-graduation outcomes, or do they create unhealthy competition and mislead students?

5. Early Decision/Early Action: Are Early Decision and Early Action policies a valuable opportunity to show commitment to a college, or do they primarily benefit wealthy students who don't need to compare financial aid packages?

6. Importance of extracurriculars: Should colleges place more emphasis on extracurricular involvement in admissions, or should they prioritize academic performance?

7. Financial aid: Should all colleges meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for accepted students, or should they focus on providing merit-based scholarships to attract top students?

8. Advanced Placement (AP) courses: Do AP courses truly prepare students for success in college, or do they create an environment of excessive stress and competition in high school?

9. Major selection: Should students be required to declare a major before starting college, or should they have the opportunity to explore and decide later?

10. Trades vs. college: Should high schools place equal emphasis on promoting trade schools and vocational training alongside traditional four-year colleges?

I hope these topics help spark engaging discussions among the students. Good luck with your debate!

7 months ago

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