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What are the sections on the SSAT?

Hello everyone! I'm going to take the SSAT soon, and I want to know what sections are there on the SSAT. Can someone who has experience with the test explain the sections and what types of questions I can expect?

7 months ago

Hello! The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is designed to measure your verbal, math, and reading skills, and it is divided into four main sections: Quantitative (Math), Verbal, Reading, and an unscored Writing Sample. Here's a breakdown of each section and the types of questions you can expect:

1. Quantitative (Math): This section is divided into two subsections, each with 25 questions, totaling 50 questions. The questions assess your basic math skills, such as arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Be prepared to see questions involving word problems, equations, shapes, and number operations.

2. Verbal: This section consists of 60 questions that evaluate your vocabulary and verbal reasoning abilities. It is divided into two parts: synonyms and analogies. For synonyms, you will need to identify the word closest in meaning to a given word, and for analogies, you will need to determine the relationship between two given words and find a pair of words that share a similar relationship.

3. Reading: The Reading section has 40 questions and is designed to test your reading comprehension skills. You will be presented with several passages, and you'll be required to answer questions relating to the content, main ideas, and specific details. Some questions may also ask you to infer meaning from the passage or identify the author's tone or purpose.

4. Writing Sample: This part is unscored and requires you to write a short essay in response to a provided prompt. The prompts can be either creative or argumentative in nature, and you can choose which one you prefer. The purpose of this section is for admissions committees to evaluate your writing skills and gain insight into your thought process and personality.

As you prepare for the SSAT, it's important to practice all of these topics and types of questions. Good luck with your test preparation!

7 months ago

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