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Syracuse supplement essay tips

Hey guys! I'm thinking of applying to Syracuse University. I want to ace the supplemental essay, so I was hoping to get some tips on what specific aspects of Syracuse I should focus on so that the essay shows my genuine interest in the university.

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're applying to Syracuse University. To ensure that your supplemental essay reflects your genuine interest in the university, consider these strategies:

1. Research Syracuse's academic programs: Highlight the unique aspects of your intended major or college within Syracuse University. Mention specific courses, professors, or research opportunities that caught your attention and relate to your academic goals or career aspirations.

2. Extracurricular interests: Syracuse has numerous clubs, organizations, and sports teams. Find those that align with your passions and mention how you would actively contribute or benefit from them. Additionally, discuss any campus traditions or events you find appealing and would look forward to attending.

3. Location and campus culture: Emphasize the appeal of Syracuse's setting or the vibe on campus that has attracted you to the university. As an example, discuss how the strong sense of community and school spirit makes you want to be a part of the Orange family.

4. Resources and opportunities: Research internship opportunities, study abroad programs, or unique facilities available at Syracuse that would facilitate your growth and development. Mention how these resources will help you achieve your personal and academic goals.

5. Connect with current students or alumni: Reach out to current Syracuse students or alumni to gain firsthand insight into the school's community, environment, and opportunities available. Incorporate these insights into your essay, showcasing that you've taken the time to understand the university beyond surface-level research.

Remember to tailor your essay to your personal story, experiences, and aspirations, showing how Syracuse aligns with your goals and how you would contribute to the community. Good luck with your application!

7 months ago

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