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USC merit scholarship acceptance rate

Hey everyone, I'm really interested in applying to USC and I heard that their merit scholarships can be pretty competitive. Does anyone know the acceptance rate for these scholarships or any tips on how to make my application stand out? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hey there! You're right that USC's merit scholarships are quite competitive. While the exact acceptance rate can vary from year to year, it's generally around 3% of all applicants who are awarded a scholarship, such as the Trustee, Presidential, and Dean's Scholarships.

To make your application stand out, here are some tips:

1. Strong academics: Make sure your grades, test scores (if available), and course rigor are at or above USC's averages to showcase your academic prowess.

2. Emphasize your "spike": Colleges like USC appreciate students who have a highly-developed specialty. This could be a particular academic interest, a talent or sport you've excelled in, or a community project you've dedicated significant time to.

3. Extracurriculars: Admissions officers prefer to see quality over quantity in extracurricular activities. Aim for a balance of involvement with a focus on a few key activities. Remember the 4 Tiers of Extracurriculars to gauge your involvement level (https://blog.collegevine.com/breaking-down-the-4-tiers-of-extracurricular-activities).

4. Compelling essays: Your essays should reveal a unique aspect of your personality, goals, or experiences. Avoid cliché topics and, instead, focus on specific events or situations that highlight your individuality.

5. Letters of recommendation: Choose recommenders who know you well - they can provide detailed insights into your character, work ethic, and achievements, which will strengthen your application.

6. Apply by the merit scholarship deadline: To be considered for merit scholarships, you need to submit your application by December 1st. Make sure not to miss this deadline!

Remember, strong applications require time and effort; give yourself ample time to craft a competitive application to increase your chances of receiving a merit scholarship. Good luck!

7 months ago

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