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Types of Virtual Internships for High Schoolers?

Hi folks! I'm exploring virtual internship opportunities for this summer as it's tough to find in-person ones right now. What kind of virtual internships are available for high school juniors, and do you have any recommendations for Foundations Programs or similar opportunities?

7 months ago

Hi there! I'm glad to hear you're considering virtual internships for this summer. There are a variety of opportunities available for high school students, including:

1. Research internships: Some universities, nonprofits, and research institutions offer remote research internships. Tasks may include conducting literature reviews, compiling data, and collaborating with a research team on ongoing projects. You could explore programs like the Harvard Medical School's HMX Fundamentals program, which offers online courses in medical subjects.

2. Tech/programming internships: If you have an interest in programming, web development, or other technology-driven fields, you might consider a virtual internship in this area. Codecademy offers a program called Pro Intensive, which helps you dive deeper into coding with hands-on projects.

3. Business/marketing internships: Companies and nonprofits may have opportunities for high school students to work on marketing campaigns, social media management, or strategy development. Check out websites like VolunteerMatch or Idealist to find virtual internships in this area.

4. Writing/journalism internships: If you have a passion for writing, there are remote internships available in journalism, content creation, and editing. You may choose to intern with a news outlet, magazine, or online publication. Keep an eye out for internship postings on platforms like Internships.com.

5. Nonprofit organizations: Many nonprofits have programs designed for high school students to gain experience working in various areas like community outreach, event planning, or advocacy. These opportunities can be found through sites such as DoSomething.org.

6. Online courses and mentorship programs: If you're looking to learn new skills or explore specific interests, online courses and mentorship programs can provide a similar experience to an internship. For example, Coursera offers courses in a wide variety of subjects, many of which are taught by professors from top universities.

When searching for a virtual internship, be sure to research the organization to ensure it's a reputable opportunity. Reach out to your high school counselor, teachers, or other mentors for guidance, and they may be able to connect you with additional resources or opportunities.

Best of luck with your internship search!

7 months ago

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