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Best art contests for high school students?

I'm trying to beef up my portfolio before applying to college and thought joining some art contests could be a great way to do it. What are some good art contests for high schoolers that you'd recommend participating in?

7 months ago

There are quite a few art contests that high school students can participate in to help strengthen their portfolios. Here are some popular options that you may find interesting:

1. Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: This prestigious program recognizes creative teens in various categories, including painting, drawing, photography, and more. Winning an award in this competition is an impressive addition to your portfolio and resume.

2. Congressional Art Competition: This annual competition is hosted by the U.S. House of Representatives and open to high school students from participating districts. Winners have their artwork displayed in the Capitol for one year.

3. National YoungArts Foundation: This organization identifies and supports talented young artists through various competitions in the visual, literary, design, and performing arts. Winners receive cash awards, mentorship opportunities, and more.

4. Doodle 4 Google: This annual contest invites students to create a Google Doodle inspired by a specific theme. The winning doodle will appear on Google's homepage, and the winner receives a scholarship and technology package for their school.

5. The Art of the Portrait: The Portrait Society of America hosts this competition, open to artists of all ages. High school students can enter the "Youth" category for a chance to win cash prizes and have their work showcased in the organization's magazine.

Remember to always check the rules and deadlines for each competition, and good luck! Participating in art contests can not only strengthen your portfolio but also help you develop your skills and gain valuable experiences.

7 months ago

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