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10 persuasive speech topics

Hi there! I'm taking a public speaking course this semester and I have to deliver a persuasive speech. I'm struggling to come up with a topic. Can y'all share some interesting and impactful topics to choose from? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hello! It's always exciting to deliver a persuasive speech, as it's an opportunity to have an impact on your audience's thoughts and potentially change their minds. I've compiled a list of 10 diverse topics for you to consider. Remember to choose one that genuinely interests you and that you feel passionate about:

1. Environmental protection: Argue for stricter regulations on businesses that contribute to pollution or persuade your audience to adopt more sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

2. Mental health awareness: Advocate for the importance of mental health education in schools, or discuss the need for improved access to mental health care for all.

3. Animal rights: Take a stance on animal testing, factory farming, or the use of animals in entertainment, such as circuses or zoos.

4. Technology and privacy: Discuss the impact that technology has on personal privacy or argue for stricter regulations on data collection by companies.

5. Universal basic income: Persuade your audience about the potential benefits of a universal basic income system to reduce poverty and improve economic stability, or explain why such a system would not in fact have the desired outcomes.

6. Space exploration: Make a case for increased funding for space exploration or argue for the importance of exploring planets like Mars as a potential future home for humanity.

7. Vaccinations: Present the benefits of vaccination programs and argue against the spread of misinformation that has led to vaccine hesitancy.

8. Artificial intelligence: Discuss the ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence and the potential consequences it may have on the job market and society as a whole.

9. Education reform: Propose changes to the American educational system that could improve student outcomes, such as more personalized learning methods or an increased emphasis on life skills and financial literacy.

10. Gun control: Argue for stricter gun control laws, by presenting the potential benefits of more comprehensive background checks and mental health assessments for gun owners.

There are plenty of other good topics out there, which may align better with your personal interests, but hopefully this list helps kickstart your brainstorming. When you select your topic, whatever it is, make sure to do thorough research, understand opposing viewpoints, and provide strong evidence to support your claims. Best of luck with your persuasive speech!

7 months ago

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