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Changing personal essay after submission?

Hey everyone, I submitted my application to one college but I want to make some changes to my personal essay. Can I change my personal essay after submitting it for that college, or do I have to stick with the one I already sent in?

7 months ago

Hello! Once you have submitted your application to a college, you typically cannot change your personal essay for that specific college. While you can make alterations for other colleges you have not yet submitted your application to, once an application is submitted, it is considered final.

If you feel like the essay you submitted contains major errors or really needs to be changed, you could try reaching out to the college's admissions office to explain the situation and ask for their guidance. However, be aware that they may not allow any changes to be made.

For your other college applications, you can definitely edit and improve your personal essay before submitting. Make sure you thoroughly proofread, revise, and refine your essay before submitting it to other colleges, as the personal essay is an important part of your application, as you don't want to be having regrets about your other submissions. Good luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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