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Need advice on writing a 'Why Engineering' essay

Hey everyone, I'm applying for engineering programs at a few universities and they're asking for a 'Why Engineering' essay. I'm a little bit stressed about what to include to make my essay stand out. Any suggestions on which aspects of engineering I should emphasize or experiences I should share?

7 months ago

Hello! Writing a "Why Engineering" essay is a great opportunity to showcase your passion for the field and demonstrate your unique experiences and perspective. To make your essay stand out, consider the following suggestions:

1. Personal experiences: Reflect on any experiences that pushed you toward engineering, such as a specific project you worked on, a course you took, or an inspiring mentor. You could also mention hobbies or experiences that showcase your engineering-related skills, like problem solving, creativity, or teamwork.

2. Specific engineering subfield: Instead of discussing engineering in general terms, focus on the particular subfield you're interested in (e.g., civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.). Share what excites you about that specific area and how you see your future career path within it.

3. Real-world impact: Convey how engineering enables you to make a tangible impact on society, whether it's through sustainable technologies or innovative solutions to pressing challenges. Be genuine about what drives you to pursue engineering and how you plan to positively contribute to the field.

4. Unique perspective: Highlight any personal qualities, experiences, or values that make you a unique candidate for engineering programs. This could include your background, cultural perspectives, or any challenges you’ve overcome in pursuit of your passion.

5. School-specific connections: If possible, tie your interests back to the unique opportunities offered by the engineering programs you're applying to. Research the courses, resources, clubs, or research opportunities available at each university and mention one or two that align with your goals.

For some more advice on writing this type of essay, check out CollegeVine's "Why This Major?" essay breakdown: https://blog.collegevine.com/why-this-major-college-essay

Instead of trying to cover all these points, choose two or three that resonate with you and build your essay around them. Remember to be genuine, communicate your enthusiasm for the field, and frame your experiences in a way that showcases your potential as an engineering student. Good luck with your essay!

7 months ago

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