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How Have You Prepared for Your Intended Major?

Hey guys! I'm working on a college application, and they're asking me to describe how I've prepared for my intended major. Can anyone share examples of experiences or activities that have helped you prepare for your major? Just need some inspiration! Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! It's perfectly normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to express how you've prepared for your intended major. Here are a few examples from different majors to inspire you:

1. Computer Science: Participated in coding clubs or camps, developed personal programming projects, competed in hackathons, completed relevant online courses, or contributed to open-source projects.

2. Biology: Volunteered at a local hospital, shadowed a medical professional, conducted research in a lab or through independent projects, participated in science fairs or Science Olympiad, or took related advanced courses/APs.

3. English: Joined the school newspaper or literary magazine, participated in writing competitions, attended writing workshops or seminars, started a personal blog or contributed to one, volunteered as a tutor for English or writing, or explored a specific genre of literature.

4. Economics: Joined an economics or business club, engaged in stock market simulations, interned at a company working with finance or data analysis, took related courses or read books on the subject, or participated in business-related competitions such as DECA or FBLA.

As you brainstorm, think about the practical, competitive, and academic experiences you've had and how they relate to your intended major. Focus on activities that demonstrate your passion, commitment, and leadership in your chosen field. Remember to explain in your application not only what you did, but also how these experiences have helped mold your perspective or develop your skills in your field. Good luck!

7 months ago

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