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Trelease Hall UIUC

Has anyone here lived in Trelease Hall at UIUC? I'd really appreciate any first-hand insight about the dorm itself, the community, and overall living experience. I'm considering it as my first-choice dorm if I end up attending UIUC! Thanks!

7 months ago

Trelease Hall is part of the Florida Avenue Residence (FAR) and has a reputation for being a comfortable, clean, and social living environment. Here are some aspects you might find interesting:

1. Rooms: Trelease offers both shared and private rooms, as well as air conditioning, which might be considered a luxury in some dorms. The rooms are generally spacious and come with the necessary furniture.

2. Amenities: The dining hall is located just next door to Trelease and is known for having a diverse and accommodating menu. You'll also find a convenience store, study lounges, a recreation room, and laundry facilities close by.

3. Community: Trelease Hall is known to have a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, with many international students and students from various majors. The diversity of the community encourages the exchange of cultures and ideas. Also, there are Resident Advisors on each floor to help support students and plan social events.

4. Location: Trelease is situated on the southeastern side of campus, which might be a bit farther from the main quad than some of the other residence halls. However, the proximity to the College of Engineering, the College of Applied Health Sciences, and the ARC recreational center might be a selling point if you plan to spend time in those areas.

5. Transportation: The campus buses have multiple stops nearby, which makes it convenient for traveling to different parts of the campus.

It's essential to consider what factors matter the most to you in your living situation, such as community, amenities, location, and room setup. Keep in mind that everyone's experience might vary, so it could be helpful to reach out to current students through social media or UIUC-specific forums if you have more specific questions. Hopefully, though, this gives you an initial sense of what life at Trelease Hall would be like - good luck with your decision-making process!

7 months ago

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