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When are likely letters typically sent out?

Hey guys! I've heard about 'likely letters' being sent out to some students before official decisions are released. When do colleges usually send these out? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hello! Likely letters are indeed sent by some colleges to a select group of applicants, essentially informing them that they are highly likely to be admitted when official decisions are released. These letters serve to boost yield and build an early connection with sought-after applicants.

The timeline for likely letters can vary by college, but they are typically sent out between late January and early March for Regular Decision applicants, following the application deadline. For Early Decision or Early Action applicants, likely letters might be sent out around December or even earlier depending on the college's specific timeline.

Keep in mind that not all colleges send out likely letters, and even those that do only send them to a small percentage of applicants. So, not receiving a likely letter doesn't mean you won't be admitted—it just means you'll need to wait for the official decision along with the majority of applicants.

Best of luck with your college applications!

7 months ago

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