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Are SAT testing centers still closed due to COVID?

I'm planning to take the SAT in the coming months, but I'm not sure if some testing centers are still closed because of the pandemic. Does anyone have any info on this? It's important for me to know so I can plan accordingly. Thanks!

7 months ago

As of now, most SAT testing centers have reopened, but there still may be some closures due to localized COVID-19 outbreaks or other unforeseen circumstances. To stay updated on the current status of testing centers, keep checking the College Board website, as they regularly provide information on any testing center closures or disruptions.

Additionally, when registering for the SAT, pay close attention to the available testing centers and dates, as they might change or have limited capacity. It's also a good idea to register early to secure a spot at your preferred testing location. Make sure to keep in touch with your school counselor or other relevant personnel, as they might have more information regarding local testing center conditions.

Finally, don't forget to adhere to any safety guidelines and protocols established by the testing center, such as mask-wearing or social distancing, to ensure the safety of both yourself and others during the test administration. Good luck with your preparations and your SAT test!

7 months ago

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