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Can I use a graphing calculator on the ACT?

Hi! I'm more comfortable using a graphing calculator for math problems, and I was wondering if I can use one during the ACT math section. Is this allowed or are there any restrictions? Thanks for the help!

7 months ago

Hi! Yes, you can use a graphing calculator on the ACT math section, but there are specific restrictions on which models you can use. The ACT permits most graphing calculators; however, certain features and functionalities should be avoided to ensure you are in compliance with the ACT calculator policy.

Here's a list of what's generally allowed:

1. Graphing calculators.

2. Scientific calculators.

3. Four-function calculators (not recommended due to the difficulty of some math questions).

What's not allowed are:

1. Calculators with built-in computer algebra systems.

2. Calculators that require an external power source.

3. Calculators with a built-in camera or any other device that can capture or transmit test content.

4. Calculators having a QWERTY (typewriter-like) keypad.

5. Calculators that can communicate wirelessly or with other devices.

6. Calculators with loud or noticeable noise.

Popular models that are allowed include the TI-84 and TI-Nspire (non-CAS version). It's important to check the official ACT calculator policy to ensure your calculator is allowed before taking the test. If there are any doubts, you can always contact the ACT directly for clarification. Good luck on your test preparation!

7 months ago

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