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What makes a strong 'Ut Prosim' essay?

Hi everyone! I'm applying to Virginia Tech and one of the essay prompts is 'Ut Prosim' - for those who've had success with this essay, what elements make it stand out? Any tips on how I can craft a compelling response?

7 months ago

Hi! I'm glad you're seeking advice on the 'Ut Prosim' essay for Virginia Tech. 'Ut Prosim' means "That I May Serve," and the prompt aims to assess your dedication to service and how you've demonstrated it in the past. Here are a few tips to help you write a strong 'Ut Prosim' essay:

1. Be authentic: Share a true story or experience where you showed commitment to serving others. Whether it's volunteering at a local food bank or helping out with a school project, choose an example that genuinely resonates with you.

2. Focus on a specific instance: Instead of listing several service activities, dive deep into one experience that had a significant impact on you or the people you served. Explain the situation, your role, and the outcome of your efforts.

3. Reflect on lessons learned: Don't just narrate the experience, but also discuss what you learned from it and how it changed you as a person. Show how the experience influenced your values, personal growth, or future goals.

4. Connect to a larger purpose: Explain how your dedication to service is guided by a broader set of values or beliefs, and link these back to Virginia Tech's motto 'Ut Prosim.' This will demonstrate your understanding of the school's culture and values.

5. Show how you'll continue to serve: Mention how you envision carrying forward the 'Ut Prosim' spirit in your future endeavors at Virginia Tech and beyond. Discuss any related goals or plans that show your ongoing commitment to service.

Remember to be concise and organized in your writing, keeping your response within the word limit for the essay. By following these tips and sharing a meaningful example, you can craft a compelling 'Ut Prosim' essay that stands out. Good luck!

7 months ago

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