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Tips for staying within ApplyTexas essay word limit?

Hey y'all! So, I'm working on my ApplyTexas essays and I've noticed that there's a word limit on them. I tend to write a lot and I'm finding it hard to stay within the limit. Any advice on how to trim my essays down or tips on writing concisely? Much appreciated!

7 months ago

Hey! I understand the struggle of staying within word limits, especially when it comes to writing essays that showcase your experiences and achievements. Here are a few tips to help you trim down your essays and write more concisely:

1. Identify your main points: Start by figuring out what the most important points in your essay are and prioritize them. Focus on what is absolutely necessary to convey your message and make your essay impactful.

2. Be specific: Instead of general statements, try to use specific examples to illustrate your points. This will not only save space, but it also makes your essay more engaging and authentic.

3. Eliminate redundancy: Read through your essay and identify any repetition in your statements, ideas, or examples. Removing redundant content will help you stay within the word limit while keeping your essay focused and coherent.

4. Trim wordy phrases: Certain phrases can often be shortened, so look for opportunities to cut unnecessary words. For example, instead of saying "due to the fact that," you can simply say "because."

5. Use strong verbs: Strong verbs convey your point more effectively and often require fewer words than a weak verb accompanied by adverbs or adjectives. For example, instead of saying "she walked slowly," you can say "she strolled."

6. Revise and edit ruthlessly: After writing your essay, take some time away from it, then come back with a fresh mind and be ruthless in your revision and editing. Look for any extraneous details, long-winded sentences, or unnecessary words that can be cut without compromising your essay's integrity.

7. Ask for feedback: Share your essay with someone you trust and ask them to help you identify areas where you can be more concise or trim any unnecessary content.

Remember, the goal is to convey your message effectively within the given word limit while still showcasing your unique experiences and perspectives. Good luck trimming your essays, and I hope these tips were helpful!

7 months ago

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