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Can I get a scholarship for cheerleading?

Hey, I'm a high school junior and I've been in cheerleading for a few years now. I was just wondering if it's possible to get a cheer scholarship for college? If so, what should I focus on to increase my chances of being awarded one?

7 months ago

Yes, you can definitely get a scholarship for cheerleading! Many colleges and universities offer cheerleading scholarships as a form of financial aid for talented student-athletes. These scholarships are typically awarded by the school's athletic department, and the specifics can vary from one institution to another.

To increase your chances of being awarded a cheer scholarship, here are some things to focus on:

1. Develop your skills: Continue to practice and improve your cheerleading abilities. Focus not only on your stunts, tumbling, and dancing, but also on your teamwork and leadership skills, as these are qualities that college cheerleading coaches look for in their athletes.

2. Compete at a high level: Participate in regional and national cheerleading competitions with your school or club team. Success in these events will showcase your talent and dedication to the sport.

3. Research schools: Investigate the colleges and universities you're interested in attending, and find out if they offer cheerleading scholarships. Reach out to the cheerleading coach at each school to inquire about the tryout process and the scholarship opportunities available.

4. Make a skills video: Prepare a video showcasing your cheerleading skills, including stunts, tumbling, dancing, and any other strengths you have. This video can be sent to college cheerleading coaches, along with an email expressing your interest in their program and a request for information about their scholarship opportunities.

5. Network with coaches: Establish relationships with college cheerleading coaches through attending college cheerleading camps or clinics, as well as by reaching out to them directly via email or social media. Express your interest in their program and ask for any advice on how to improve your chances of receiving a scholarship.

6. Perform well academically: Maintain a strong GPA and perform well on standardized tests, as some colleges have minimum grade or test score requirements for scholarship recipients. Additionally, strong academic performance can make you eligible for academic scholarships, which can be combined with athletic scholarships in some cases.

7. Apply to multiple schools: To maximize your chances of receiving a cheerleading scholarship, apply to several colleges and explore their financial aid opportunities.

Remember, college scholarships are competitive, so the more you stand out as a cheerleader, the better your chances of securing a scholarship. Good luck!

7 months ago

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