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What is REA and how does it work?

Hey guys, I've heard about Early Decision and Early Action, but I've also seen some mentions of 'REA' - could someone explain what Restrictive Early Action is, and how is it different from regular EA? Thanks!

7 months ago

Restrictive Early Action (REA) is a type of early application process offered by some colleges. Like Early Action (EA), REA allows you to apply to a school early (usually by November) and receive a decision by mid-December or January, without committing to attend the school if accepted. The difference between REA and EA lies in the restrictions associated with REA.

The primary restriction in REA is that you're not allowed to apply to any other private colleges or universities under any form of early application process (this includes Early Decision and Early Action). However, applying to public and international institutions under non-binding early application plans is typically permitted. REA aims to ensure that the applicants are genuinely interested in the school, as they're required to prioritize the institution in their early application process.

It's essential to check individual schools' guidelines and policies, as each college may have slightly different rules. Once you receive your decision under REA, you'll have until May 1st (the regular decision deadline) to compare other offers and commit to the school of your choice.

REA can be advantageous if you have a strong application early on and consider the specific school to be one of your top choices. Applying this way can demonstrate interest and commitment to the institution, potentially improving your odds of admission. However, if you're not sure about your first-choice school or your application's strength by the early deadlines, it may be better suited to apply through Regular Decision or non-restrictive Early Action.

7 months ago

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