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William and Mary essay advice?

I'm getting started on my college applications and I want to apply to William & Mary. Any tips or advice on writing a strong essay for their admissions? Would love to hear your experiences or suggestions.

7 months ago

When writing an essay for William & Mary or any other college, the key is to create a thoughtful and well-crafted piece that showcases your personality, experiences, and perspectives. Here are some tips to help you create a strong essay:

1. Understand the prompt: Make sure you carefully read and understand the essay prompt. William & Mary may have specific questions or themes they want you to address, so be sure to answer them directly.

2. Be authentic: Your essay should truly reflect who you are as a person. Don't try to write what you think the admissions officers want to hear. Instead, share your genuine experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

3. Stand out: Many applicants will have similar academic profiles, so use your essay as an opportunity to differentiate yourself. Highlight unique experiences, qualities, or areas of expertise that make you memorable.

4. Show, don't tell: Use vivid, descriptive language and specific examples to illustrate your points. Avoid general statements and clichés. Instead of saying you are a dedicated student, share a story that demonstrates your commitment to your studies.

5. Be clear and concise: Write in a clear, straightforward manner, and avoid using unnecessary jargon or overly complex sentences. Make sure your essay is well-organized, with a clear introduction, main body, and conclusion.

6. Revise and proofread: Once you have completed your essay, set it aside for a day or two, and then come back to it with fresh eyes. This will help you spot any errors, inconsistencies, or areas that need improvement. Make sure your essay is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, as these can detract from your overall message.

7. Seek feedback: Share your essay with a trusted teacher, counselor, or mentor who can provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Incorporate their feedback as needed to ensure your essay is the best it can be.

Remember, the essay is your opportunity to give William & Mary a glimpse into who you are beyond your academic and extracurricular achievements. Focus on sharing your unique story, and ensure that your essay is well-written and engaging. Best of luck with your application!

7 months ago

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