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Parent Brag Sheet Example Answers

My school counselor asked my parents to fill out a brag sheet to help with my college recommendation letters. They're not sure what to write. Does anyone have any examples or advice on how to fill it out effectively?

7 months ago

Absolutely, I can help guide your parents on how to fill out a brag sheet effectively. A brag sheet is a great way for parents to share their perspective on their child's strengths, achievements, and growth, so that the school counselor can include those details in their college recommendation letter.

Here are a few tips and examples to help your parents complete the brag sheet:

1. Focus on specific achievements, growth, or challenges your child has overcome. Provide examples that reflect your child's character, motivation, and improvement. For instance, mention a time they took the initiative to start a volunteer project or when they overcame a personal challenge and turned it into a learning experience.

Example: "When our family faced financial difficulties, our child took up a part-time job to contribute and simultaneously maintained good grades. This demonstrates their resilience and strong work ethic."

2. Emphasize your child's unique qualities and accomplishments. This could include their leadership skills, teamwork abilities, creativity, or community involvement.

Example: "After joining the high school robotics club, our child not only excelled in coding but led the club to win the regional competition and connected with experts in the field to expand the club's resources."

3. Include anecdotes that showcase your child's personality outside of academics. Describe their hobbies, interests, or passions, and how they have developed or impacted those around them.

Example: "Our child's passion for piano playing fills our home with music every evening and brings them unbridled joy."

4. Keep the tone positive, but avoid exaggeration. Be honest and genuine in your descriptions. Admissions officers appreciate authenticity and can usually discern if something is being embellished.

When your parents have completed the brag sheet, encourage them to share it with your school counselor. This will allow the counselor to gain insights into your experiences and achievements from a parental perspective, which can be invaluable in crafting a strong and personalized recommendation letter that stands out to college admissions officers.

7 months ago

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