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Best awards to include on college applications?

I've had a few accomplishments during my high school career, but which awards or recognitions are most valued on college applications? What should I focus on showcasing in my applications?

7 months ago

When selecting the awards to include on your college applications, consider their relevance, level of recognition, and what they highlight about your strengths and interests. Here are some guidelines to help you choose which awards to showcase:

1. Relevance: Include awards that highlight your interests, passions, or intended major. For example, if you plan to study engineering, an award in a mathematics or science competition would be valuable. On the other hand, if you're passionate about community service, an award recognizing your volunteering efforts would be appropriate.

2. Level of Recognition: The prestige of the award enhances its value on a college application. National and international awards (like Intel Science Talent Search or National Merit Scholarships) signify exceptional achievements and are highly-regarded. Regional and state awards can also be useful, depending on their significance. School and local awards are of lesser importance, but they can still be worth including if they highlight your accomplishments or character traits.

3. Variety: Showcasing a range of achievements can demonstrate your well-roundedness and versatility. Including awards from different domains, such as academics, athletics, arts, and community service, can be beneficial. However, if you have a particular area of focus or a "spike," emphasizing awards that align with this focus can work to your advantage.

4. Quantity: You don't need to list every single award you've ever received. Instead, prioritize the most significant and relevant ones. If you're limited on space, consider combining similar awards (e.g., "3-time regional debate champion").

7 months ago

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