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Medical internships for high school students in the Houston area?

Hey guys, I'm a junior and I'm considering pursuing a career in medicine. I live in Houston and I'm looking for medical internships for high school students in my area. Does anyone know of any opportunities or programs I should look into? Any advice or resources would be awesome!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's excellent that you're interested in pursuing a medical career and are looking for internships in your area. Houston has a variety of opportunities for high school students to gain exposure to the medical field.

1. Texas Medical Center (TMC) Summer Research Internship Program - This program offers high school students the chance to work with renowned researchers and be a part of a collaborative research environment. You can learn more and apply through their website.

2. Baylor College of Medicine Summer Programs - Baylor offers multiple summer programs, such as the Summer Medical and Research Training (SMART) Program, and the BCM Pre-Matriculation Program, which focuses on providing hands-on clinical experience.

3. Houston Methodist Hospital High School Summer Program - This program offers an opportunity for high school students to shadow medical professionals and engage in clinical or research-based projects.

4. MD Anderson's Science Park High School Summer Program - This program provides high school students with an opportunity to participate in cancer research under the mentorship of experienced researchers.

Another step to consider is reaching out to your local hospitals, clinics, or doctors' offices to inquire about shadowing or volunteer opportunities. Many healthcare facilities appreciate having motivated and eager-to-learn high school students around!

Lastly, be sure to speak with your school's guidance counselor or a science teacher who may have information on additional programs or opportunities available to you.

Remember that spots in these programs can fill up quickly, so be sure to apply as early as possible and follow their respective application guidelines. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your medical internship experience!

7 months ago

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