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3-Sentence Scholarship Essay

I came across a scholarship that requires a 3-sentence essay on a 'daring spirit'. How can I make an impact with such a short essay? Any tips for standing out and conveying my daring spirit in just 3 sentences?

7 months ago

It's definitely a challenge to convey your daring spirit in just three sentences, but it's possible with creativity and focus. Start by brainstorming an anecdote or example that best represents your daring spirit - think of a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone, took a risk, or made a bold decision. Once you've identified a standout moment, craft your 3-sentence essay by 1) introducing the situation, 2) highlighting your action or decision, and 3) pointing out the impact or outcome.

Be concise, vivid, and specific in your language to paint a clear picture for the reader and distinguish yourself from other applicants. And remember, those three sentences should capture not only the essence of your daring spirit but also showcase your unique voice and personality. Good luck!

7 months ago

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