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AICE classes

Hey everyone, I was looking through my school's course catalog and came across AICE classes. I've heard of AP and IB classes, but this is new to me. What exactly are AICE classes, and how do they compare to AP or IB classes? Also, are AICE classes well-regarded by colleges? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! AICE stands for Advanced International Certificate of Education. It's a program developed by the University of Cambridge in the UK, and it's designed to provide students with an international, advanced, and well-rounded education. Similar to AP and IB programs, AICE is a rigorous curriculum that can potentially lead to college credits, depending on the specific college's policies.

When comparing AICE to AP or IB, there are a few key differences. While AP courses are individual classes that focus on specific subjects, AICE and IB programs are designed as comprehensive curricula, with an emphasis on balance across multiple subjects. AICE courses are broken down into four groups: Mathematics and Science, Languages, Arts and Humanities, and Interdisciplinary and Skills-Based. Students need to take courses from different groups to earn the AICE Diploma, demonstrating a wide range of academic skills.

Regarding the prestige and recognition of AICE classes, they are generally well-regarded by colleges in the US, though not as universally recognized as AP or IB programs. However, taking AICE classes can still show colleges that you're pursuing a challenging and rigorous curriculum. If you're interested in a particular college, it's a good idea to research their policies and view of AICE courses in terms of credit and admission.

In summary, AICE classes provide a well-rounded and rigorous education for motivated students. While they might not be as universally recognized as AP or IB classes, they are still respected by many colleges. As always, it's essential to consider your interests and the colleges you're aiming for when deciding which advanced courses to take. Good luck!

7 months ago

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