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Ivy League Regular Decision Release Dates?

Hey there! I applied to some Ivy League schools for regular decision, and I'm pretty anxious about the results. Does anyone know when the Ivies tend to release their regular decision notifications? Is there a specific day or week they all do this together?

7 months ago

Hello! I completely understand the anxiety surrounding college decisions. Ivy League schools typically release their regular decision notifications around late March. Usually, they coordinate their decisions to come out on what is known as "Ivy Day." Ivy Day is a specific day when all eight Ivy League schools announce their decisions simultaneously. The date may vary slightly each year, but it tends to fall on the last Thursday or Friday of March.

For this year, I would recommend keeping an eye on the individual schools' admissions websites or social media pages for updates on the specific date. Alternatively, feel free to check forums or college admissions blogs like CollegeVine, as they often provide updated information on decisions as well. Best of luck, and I hope you get great news from the schools you applied to!

7 months ago

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