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What is UNICEF Club?

I'm looking for clubs to join in high school, and I've heard people mention the UNICEF Club. What exactly does this club do, and how can I get involved? Is it good for college apps?

7 months ago

The UNICEF Club is a student-led organization that partners with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to support its mission to promote child rights and wellbeing on a global scale. These clubs raise funds, educate others, and advocate for UNICEF's mission, spreading awareness about pressing issues concerning children worldwide.

To get involved, you can start by checking if your high school has an existing UNICEF Club. If there is one, you can attend a meeting or reach out to the club officers to learn how you can join. If your school does not have a UNICEF Club, you can start one yourself! Visit the UNICEF USA High School Clubs website for resources and guidelines on forming a new club.

As for its importance on college applications, UNICEF Club can be a valuable extracurricular if you are genuinely passionate about the organization's work and take an active role within the club. Being involved in leadership positions, organizing events, or making a significant impact through your club will show colleges your dedication and commitment to making a positive difference.

Remember that colleges prioritize the depth and quality of your involvement in extracurricular activities over the quantity of activities. They seek students with a well-developed interest or "spike" in their application, showcasing commitment, leadership, and accomplishments in the chosen activity or field. Participating in the UNICEF Club can contribute to showcasing that depth of involvement, especially if it aligns with your other interests or passions.

7 months ago

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