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What's considered a good UC capped GPA?

Hey everyone! I'm applying to UC schools soon and I'm curious, what's considered a good UC capped GPA? I want to know the range that would make me a competitive applicant.

7 months ago

A good UC capped GPA depends on the specific University of California schools you're targeting, as each campus has its own average GPA for admitted students. Generally, a UC capped GPA of 4.0 and above is considered competitive, but you'll want to aim higher for more selective campuses like UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Here's a brief breakdown of average admitted student GPAs for some popular UC campuses:

1. UCLA: 4.18

2. UC Berkeley: 4.16

3. UC San Diego: 4.08

4. UC Santa Barbara: 4.04

5. UC Irvine: 4.00

6. UC Davis: 4.00

Keep in mind that these numbers are just a guideline, and your chances of admission depend on various factors beyond your GPA, such as your SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities, and essays. Also, note that these are average GPAs, meaning some admitted students will have higher or lower GPAs. It's important to maintain a strong GPA, but also focus on developing a well-rounded application with compelling essays and meaningful extracurricular involvement. A strong spike in a particular area can help offset a slightly lower GPA to some extent.

7 months ago

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