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Wellesley Housing

I've been considering applying to Wellesley, but I'm curious about what the housing situation is like for students. Can anyone fill me in on their experiences or any info regarding the dorms and campus living at Wellesley?

7 months ago

Hey there! I understand you're interested in learning about housing at Wellesley. Although I don't attend Wellesley myself, I have friends who do and they've shared their experiences with me. Wellesley has a variety of living options, ranging from traditional dorms to cooperative housing where students share responsibilities like cooking and cleaning. Most buildings have been renovated in recent years, so you can expect up-to-date amenities and comfortable living spaces. From what I've heard, the sense of community is strong, with residents often forming close bonds with their hallmates.

First-year students are typically placed in one of the four 'First-Year Experience' dorms, which are designed to help ease the transition into college life. The college has a housing lottery system for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, so you might have the opportunity to choose your living arrangements for the following years. I hope this provides some insight into campus living at Wellesley!

7 months ago

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