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What are the best AP Latin Review resources?

Hello! I'm planning on taking the AP Latin exam and I'm looking for some solid review resources. Are there any recommended websites, textbooks, or study guides that you've found helpful in your own review process?

7 months ago

Hi there! Preparing for the AP Latin exam can be an enjoyable and challenging journey. There are several resources that can be beneficial in your review process, and I would like to share a mix of both online and print resources.

1. College Board: The first place to start is the College Board's website, where you can find an overview of the AP Latin Exam, the course description, and some free-response questions from previous years. Familiarize yourself with the format, content areas, and types of questions asked.

2. AP Classroom: If your teacher is using AP Classroom, take advantage of the practice questions and progress checks available there. These questions are developed by the College Board and have a high likelihood of being similar to those on the actual exam.

3. AP Latin Prep Books: There are several exam-specific review books available, such as Barron's AP Latin or The Princeton Review's Cracking the AP Latin Exam. These books typically provide practice tests, content reviews, and test-taking strategies. Choose one based on your learning style and preferences.

4. Latin Textbooks: Vergil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s De Bello Gallico are essential readings for the exam. Reviewing these primary source texts and any accompanying commentaries or annotations in your textbook will strengthen your translation and comprehension skills.

5. Textkit.com: Textkit is an online resource known for its extensive collection of Latin and Greek language learning resources. You can access grammar guides, translations, and parsing tools for free.

6. Scansion Practice: Understanding, analyzing, and memorizing the dactylic hexameter and meters in these texts is an integral aspect of AP Latin. There are several online resources for practicing scansion, including Hexameter.co and Aoidoi.org, which can help you learn the structure and rhythm of the lines.

7. AP Latin Teachers' Blogs & Websites: Many AP Latin teachers share lesson plans, quizzes, and resources on their personal websites or blogs. Examples include latintutorial.com and djeppoetica.wikispaces.com. Explore these resources for additional support.

Lastly, remember to practice consistently and actively engage with the materials. Take advantage of any study groups or tutoring opportunities available in your school or community. Good luck with your preparation and may you have success on the AP Latin exam!

7 months ago

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