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Considering a Legal Profession

I've been thinking about pursuing a career in law after college. Can someone give me an idea of what the legal profession is like? What kind of courses should I take in high school and college to prepare for this career path?

7 months ago

It's excellent that you're exploring a career in law early on. The legal profession can be diverse, with opportunities in areas such as corporate law, criminal law, intellectual property, family law, and more. While the daily work may vary depending on the specific area, common skills needed include research, critical thinking, advocacy, and strong written and oral communication.

To prepare for a career in law, you can take relevant high school courses like AP Government, AP US History, debate, or mock trial if it's available. These classes can provide you with relevant knowledge and help develop crucial skills for legal studies and practice. However, a designated pre-law track isn't necessary in high school or college.

When you're in college, you can choose almost any major and still attend law school, as long as you complete the necessary prerequisites like the LSAT. Many law students have undergraduate degrees in diverse fields such as English, history, philosophy, political science, or economics, as these areas often emphasize critical thinking, analysis, and writing skills that are essential for law. You can also engage in extracurricular opportunities like moot court, mock trial, or internships at law firms to gain practical experience and insight into the profession.

While in college, it may be helpful to develop relationships with faculty members who can provide guidance and write strong letters of recommendation for your law school applications. A high GPA and strong LSAT score will also be vital, as these factors heavily influence law school admissions decisions.

Lastly, try connecting with current law students or legal professionals to gain first-hand insights into the profession. This can help you determine if it's the right fit for you and understand the expectations, work-life balance, and various practice areas within law. Good luck as you explore this potential career path!

7 months ago

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