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Is AP Art History an easy class?

I'm interested in taking AP Art History next year, since I'm into art and history. I wanted to find out if it's considered an easy class, or if it's particularly challenging in terms of content and workload. Any thoughts from current or former AP Art History students? Thanks!

7 months ago

While I haven't taken AP Art History personally, I've advised many students who have and their experiences varied based on their interests and abilities. Some found it enjoyable and relatively easy due to their passion for both art and history, while others found it more challenging, especially when dealing with the depth of analysis and memorization required. Since you said you found art history to be enjoyable though, I imagine you would engage with the and wouldn't find it too challenging.

In terms of content, AP Art History covers a wide range of topics and time periods, so the amount you enjoy and find manageable will depend on your affinity for studying and analyzing art. As for the workload, it depends on how your school structures the class, but you can generally expect a fair amount of reading, research, and memorization of artists, artwork, and historical context.

I hope that helps! I recommend discussing the course with your school's art history teacher or guidance counselor to get a better understanding of how the course is structured at your school.

7 months ago

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