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Yale summer programs for high schoolers?

Hey everyone, I'm really interested in attending a summer program at Yale for high school students. Has anyone been through any of Yale's programs, and can you share your experiences?

7 months ago

Hey there! I'm glad to hear you're considering Yale's summer programs for high school students. While I haven't personally attended one of their programs, I know a few people who have and I can share their experiences with you.

Yale offers various pre-college summer programs, such as the Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) and the Yale Summer Academy. The YYGS program is a highly selective program that offers academic sessions focusing on different fields, such as Applied Science & Engineering, Biological & Biomedical Science, and Politics, Law & Economics, among others. Students participate in lectures, discussions, and work in small groups on projects. Those who attended found the program to be academically challenging and appreciated the networking opportunities with fellow high-achieving students from around the world.

The Yale Summer Academy is a less competitive program that offers high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses for credit or for enrichment. Participants choose a course of interest from various subjects, such as literature, history, and science. Students usually find the coursework to be intensive but rewarding, and they enjoy the chance to get a taste of college life at an Ivy League institution.

In both programs, students live on Yale's campus and get to participate in extracurricular activities like college admissions workshops, field trips, sports, and social events. Participants generally have positive experiences, as they get to make new friends and enjoy a unique learning environment. However, keep in mind that these programs can be quite expensive and financial aid is limited.

I hope this helps you in your decision-making process! If you'd like more information or personal experiences, I suggest reaching out to alumni of the programs through social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Good luck!

7 months ago

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