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Which states predominantly use the ACT?

I know that some states are more focused on the ACT, while others lean towards the SAT. Can someone give me an overview of which states in the US predominantly use the ACT for college admissions? Thanks!

7 months ago

Certainly, I can provide you with an overview of which states predominantly use the ACT for college admissions. Historically, the ACT has been more popular in the Midwest and South, while the SAT has been more popular on the coasts. Here is a list of states where the ACT has been commonly favored or required:

1. Alabama

2. Arkansas

3. Colorado (Note: Colorado switched to SAT in 2016 but ACT is still widely accepted)

4. Illinois (Note: Illinois switched to SAT in 2017 but ACT is still widely accepted)

5. Iowa

6. Kansas

7. Kentucky

8. Louisiana

9. Minnesota

10. Mississippi

11. Missouri

12. Montana

13. Nebraska

14. Nevada

15. North Carolina

16. North Dakota

17. Ohio

18. Oklahoma

19. South Carolina

20. South Dakota

21. Tennessee

22. Utah

23. Wisconsin

24. Wyoming

It is important to note that while the ACT may be predominant in these states, students can generally submit either SAT or ACT scores to colleges and universities across the country, as most institutions accept both. It's recommended that students research the specific testing requirements of the schools they're interested in applying to for the most accurate information.

Additionally, the landscape of standardized testing is constantly changing, and many schools have shifted to test-optional policies. Keep that in mind when preparing for college admissions and consider whether your test scores will truly benefit your application.

7 months ago

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