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BYU Scholarship Essay Guidance

Hi! I'm currently applying for scholarships at BYU and would love some guidance on writing a solid scholarship essay. What are some key points I should include to make it stand out? Any examples of successful essays would be amazing. Thank you!

7 months ago

Hi! Writing a compelling scholarship essay is crucial for standing out among other applicants. Here are some pointers for crafting a strong essay:

1. Understand the prompt: Carefully read the essay prompt and make sure your essay aligns with it. Address all parts of the prompt and stay on-topic throughout your response.

2. Be authentic: Share genuine personal experiences or thoughts that reflect who you are. Avoid repeating information from your application or exaggerating your accomplishments. Be honest and open, allowing your unique voice to shine through.

3. Showcase your strengths: Highlight your achievements, skills, or qualities that make you a candidate deserving of the scholarship. For example, if you've demonstrated leadership in a club or project, discuss the impact you've had on others and the organization.

4. Show how the scholarship will benefit you: Explain how the scholarship will help you achieve your educational or career goals. Be specific and link the scholarship to your future plans, emphasizing how it will support your academic and personal growth.

5. Tell a story: Engaging your reader is essential. Start with an attention-grabbing anecdote, situation, or experience that showcases your qualities or achievements. Use vivid descriptions and a narrative structure to make your essay memorable.

6. Explain your connection to BYU: Highlight why you're drawn to BYU, mentioning values or principles that resonate with you. Demonstrate how studying at BYU will support your development and contribute to your future success.

7. Proofread and revise: Ensure your essay is well organized, concise, and free of grammatical errors. Have someone you trust review your essay for feedback.

As for examples of successful essays, it's essential to respect the privacy of past scholarship recipients. However, you can find general essay examples online or on platforms like CollegeVine that showcase the elements mentioned above.

Finally, thoughtfully consider the unique aspects of your background, experiences, and goals while writing your essay. Ultimately, it's your authenticity and passion that will make your essay stand out. Good luck with your scholarship application!

7 months ago

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