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How many reference letters should I include in the Common App?

Hi everyone, I have a few teachers and coaches willing to write me reference letters for college applications. However, I'm not sure how many I should include in the Common App. Does anyone know the ideal number or is there a limit?

7 months ago

Hi there! The Common App typically requires one letter from a school counselor and one to two letters from teachers. If there's a specific subject area where you've demonstrated strong performance or passion, it's a good idea to have a teacher from that area write one of the letters. The maximum for the Common App is generally four recommendation letters, but submitting more than the required amount isn't always necessary.

If your additional recommendations offer a different perspective on your candidacy that your counselor and teacher recommendations don't cover—such as unique leadership qualities, significant extracurricular activity involvement, or achievements outside of school—you can submit an additional letter from a coach or another adult who has collaborated closely with you.

However, keep in mind that admissions officers have limited time and adding too many recommendations can strain their workload. Aim to submit the most impactful letters that will demonstrate your strengths and ensure that each letter offers a unique perspective on your qualities.

7 months ago

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