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Bengal Kitchen at Buffalo State: Thoughts?

Hey, I'm probably going to Buffalo State next year and I'm curious about the Bengal Kitchen. What's the food like there? Is it enough to satisfy a hungry student? Would love to hear some first-hand experiences!

7 months ago

Hey! It's great that you're considering Buffalo State! As for the Bengal Kitchen, it's the main dining hall on campus and offers a variety of food options to cater to different tastes. You'll find everything from salad bars and grill stations to pizza and international cuisine. Additionally, they offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, which makes it accessible to a diverse group of students with dietary needs and preferences.

The Bengal Kitchen operates on an all-you-care-to-eat policy, meaning you can have as much food as you want during your visit. This is great for hungry students who like to have multiple servings or enjoy a large variety of dishes with each meal. The dining area is usually packed during peak dining hours, so expect it to be pretty lively and social, which can be a great way to connect with friends and classmates.

As for the food quality, as it is with many college dining halls, some students love it while others might find it lacking in certain areas. It's always helpful to try it out for yourself to see if the food offerings align with your taste buds. Keep in mind that there are other dining options on campus too, like the Campus Cafe and Bengal Soup, in case you'd like to change things up once in a while.

Overall, while the Bengal Kitchen might not cater to everyone's taste preferences, it offers a wide variety of options and strives to accommodate diverse dietary needs. It’s definitely capable of satisfying your hunger, but just like any other campus dining hall, it's always good to explore and see which dining options you enjoy the most!

7 months ago

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