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Tips on writing a future roommate essay?

I'm working on my college essays, and a few of the schools I'm applying to require a 'future roommate essay'. I'm struggling to find the balance between being genuine and showing my personality. Can anyone share some tips or examples on how to write a great future roommate essay?

7 months ago

Certainly! Writing a future roommate essay can be a fun and creative way to showcase who you are and demonstrate your compatibility with potential roommates. Here are a few tips:

1. Be conversational: Write the essay as if you were having a casual conversation with your future roommate. Use informal language, contractions, and everyday vocabulary to make your essay sound more like a friendly chat than a formal essay.

2. Show your personality: Touch upon your interests, hobbies, or quirks to provide a glimpse of who you are outside of academia. If you love collecting vinyl records, baking elaborate cakes, or can recite every line from your favorite TV show, mention these unique traits.

3. Balance humor and sincerity: While it's important to be lighthearted and fun, also include some heartfelt moments that express your values or what you're looking for in a roommate. This mix of humor and sincerity will help convey a well-rounded impression of you.

4. Be concise: Unlike other college essays, future roommate essays tend to be shorter and more direct. Limit your essay to a few hundred words to ensure you are providing just enough information without overwhelming your reader.

5. Share your goals and aspirations: Briefly touch upon what you hope to achieve during your college experience, both academically and personally. This could include your major, research interests, or plans to volunteer or join clubs.

6. Mention how you'll contribute to the living situation: Explain what you will bring to the table as a roommate. Are you a great cook, always have a clean room, or enjoy organizing fun activities? Discuss these skills to show that you will be considerate and easy to live with.

For example, you could start with a fun anecdote or joke to engage your reader:

"Dear Future Roommate, I hope you don't mind the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting through our dorm room, because I'm always on a quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (spoiler alert: it involves brown butter and a dash of sea salt)."

Then you could delve into your hobbies and interests, such as:

"I'm a die-hard mystery fan, whether it's books, movies, or podcasts. My room might look like a mini detective's lair with an ever-growing collection of Agatha Christie novels and a corkboard plastered with theories on the latest true crime podcast I'm obsessing over."

Lastly, be sure to include some heartfelt moments and your goals for college:

"Aside from my love for culinary experiments and whodunits, I'm passionate about environmental sustainability. I plan to major in Environmental Science and join our college's green initiatives. I hope we can make our room an eco-friendly haven and inspire others to do the same!"

Remember, this essay is an opportunity to showcase your unique personality and help your prospective roommate envision what living with you will be like. Keep it genuine, interesting, and succinct, and you'll be on your way to crafting a memorable future roommate essay.

7 months ago

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