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Examples of good personal essays?

I'm struggling to write my personal essay, and I think reading examples could help. What are some websites or resources where I can find good personal essays written by other students to get ideas and inspiration?

7 months ago

I completely understand your need for inspiration, and I'm here to help! Reading personal essays written by other students can indeed be helpful in giving you ideas and understanding the structure of a well-crafted essay. Here are a few resources you can explore:

1. The College Essay Guy: This is a popular website where you can find essays, advice, and resources for writing college application essays. They have a section dedicated to sample essays written by students who have been accepted into top colleges: https://www.collegeessayguy.com/blog/college-essay-examples

2. CollegeVine: As another valuable resource, CollegeVine offers excellent guidance on essay writing, as well as examples of essays that worked for students accepted to various institutions. You can get a glimpse of essays from students admitted to Ivy League institutions, for example: https://www.collegevine.com/blog/search/college%20essay%20examples

3. The New York Times: Every year, the NYT selects some standout college essays and publishes them on their site. These essays provide great examples to understand what kind of writing resonates with admission officers.

4. Johns Hopkins University Essays That Worked: This resource is directly from the JHU website, where they showcase sample essays from students who were accepted at the university. Here, you can analyze different writing styles and topics that helped students get into JHU: https://apply.jhu.edu/essays-that-worked-2023/

Remember, as you're reading these essays, avoid copying or imitating the content. Instead, focus on deriving inspiration and understanding what makes a personal essay effective. Keep your writing unique and authentic to you, highlighting your own experiences and perspective. Good luck!

7 months ago

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