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Hardest AP course?

Hey everyone! I'm planning on taking some AP classes next year, and I'm wondering which one is generally considered the hardest. I want to challenge myself, so any input would be great!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's important to keep in mind that the difficulty of an AP course can vary depending on individual interests, strengths, and the quality of teaching at your school. However, some AP classes are generally considered more challenging than others.

AP Physics C (Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism) is often cited as one of the hardest AP courses due to its heavy emphasis on calculus-based physics concepts. AP Chemistry can also be tough because of the complex understanding of chemical principles, reactions, and laboratory experiments required.

Another challenging course is AP Calculus BC, which goes beyond the material covered in AP Calculus AB and delves deeper into advanced calculus concepts. AP English Literature and Composition can also be perceived as difficult, as it requires extensive analyzing of prose, poetry, and drama, as well as writing coherent and sophisticated essays.

Keep in mind that while taking the most challenging AP courses may push you academically, it's crucial to choose classes that align with your personal passions and future goals. A challenging course in which you're genuinely interested will likely be a more rewarding experience than one you're taking just for the sake of difficulty.

Make sure to consult with your teachers and counselors for advice, and remember that a balanced course load, with a mix of subjects and difficulty levels, is a good approach to maintain overall academic success. Good luck!

7 months ago

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