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Do you need to take pre-calc in college?

I've just started thinking about college math requirements, and I'm curious if pre-calc is usually required in college. If I've already taken it in high school, do I have to take it again in college or can I move on to a higher-level math course?

7 months ago

It generally depends on your college, major, and the level of math proficiency you demonstrated in high school. If you have already taken pre-calculus in high school and have a good understanding of the material, many colleges allow you to either:

1. Use placement test scores or your high school transcript to demonstrate your knowledge and place into a higher-level math course; or

2. Use a sufficient score from a standardized test like the Math section of SAT/ACT or an AP Calculus exam as proof of proficiency, allowing you to move on to a higher-level math course.

It's essential to check the specific math requirements for your intended major. Some majors, like engineering or computer science, will have more advanced math requirements compared to non-STEM majors. If your major requires minimal math coursework, finishing pre-calculus in high school may be sufficient to satisfy the requirement.

Ultimately, it's vital to consult your college's math department and academic advisors for guidance on course placements and requirements. They can provide you with accurate information for your specific situation and help you determine the best course of action to meet your math requirements.

7 months ago

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