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Can colleges see where else I've applied?

I'm a little paranoid that colleges will know what other colleges I'm applying to, is this true? I want to keep the list pretty close to my chest. Like, will it affect their decision on my application if they see that I'm applying to several prestigious schools?

7 months ago

It's understandable that you may want to keep your college list private. Luckily, colleges generally don't have access to information about where else you've applied. Your application is evaluated based on your own merits, not in comparison with other schools to which you're applying. The Common Application, Coalition Application, and other platforms used for applying to colleges do not share information about schools you've applied to among the participating colleges.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. In the case of applying for financial aid via FAFSA, the schools listed on your FAFSA may be able to see the names of the other schools you've included on the form. That being said, this information is primarily used for financial aid purposes and not for making admissions decisions.

Moreover, your high school guidance counselor may know where you're applying, but they're typically discreet and maintain confidentiality with such information. Remember, their goal is to help you get into college instead of disadvantaging you in any way.

You can rest assured that the colleges you apply to will base their decision on your qualifications, extracurricular activities, essays, and supporting materials rather than the list of other colleges you've applied to. Good luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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