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Caltech research supplement?

Hello everyone! Looking for some advice on Caltech's research supplement. Has anyone had experience with it and wants to share some insights? What are they looking for, and how can I make my submission stand out? Much appreciated!

7 months ago

Hi! I'm glad you're considering the Caltech research supplement. It's an excellent opportunity to showcase your research experiences and demonstrate your passion for your field. Here are some tips on what they're generally looking for and how you can make your submission stand out:

1. Be specific: Caltech values students who are deeply passionate and knowledgeable about their subject. When writing about your research, explain what you did, what questions you explored, and detail any findings you discovered. The more specific you are, the clearer it will be that you genuinely care about your research area.

2. Showcase your role: Clarify your role and any significant contributions you made to the project. Did you develop algorithms, conduct experiments, or analyze data? Make sure you highlight your unique contributions, emphasizing any problem-solving, creativity, or critical thinking skills you applied.

3. Discuss the impact: Admissions committees love to see how your research can potentially impact the field or society. Take the time to discuss the broader implications of your work and how it might contribute to generating new knowledge or solving a real-world problem.

4. Show enthusiasm: As with any application component, it's essential to communicate your passion for the subject. Talk about why you find the area exciting, what motivates you to investigate it, and how Caltech's resources would support your future research ambitions.

5. Be concise and clear: Since space is limited, prioritize clarity and conciseness in your writing. Use clear language to present your ideas, ensuring it's easily understandable to a reader outside your research field.

6. Proofread and revise: Polish your supplement by proofreading it thoroughly. Keep an eye out for grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and readability. You can also ask a friend, teacher, or mentor to give feedback and help you refine your supplement.

Remember, a strong research supplement can help you stand out as an applicant. By showcasing your experiences and passion for your field, you'll effectively demonstrate why you'd be an ideal fit for Caltech's research-focused environment. Good luck!

7 months ago

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