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Common App parent info: Necessary?

Hi, can someone help me understand how much detail I need to provide about my parents in the Common App? They're a bit hesitant to share some information, so I want to know if all of it is necessary or just certain sections.

5 months ago

Hi there! While the Common App does ask for parent information, the amount of detail you need to provide may vary based on your circumstances. The main purpose of this section is to gather demographic information and help colleges better understand your background. So, it's important to be as thorough as possible, while also respecting your parents' privacy concerns, of course.

The most crucial sections you should aim to complete are your parents' educational backgrounds and occupations, as this information helps college admissions officers contextualize your own educational journey. If your parents have concerns about sharing certain details, you might want to discuss the importance of providing accurate information in the application process with them.

That being said, you should try to fill out as much of the information as you can, without causing discomfort for your parents. College applications are already pretty limited in how much of yourself they let you share, so when you do have the chance to provide some extra detail, you generally want to take it. If they're comfortable with sharing general information but not specific details, that might be an acceptable compromise.

Please remember that the information you provide in the Common App is treated with confidentiality, and colleges are simply interested in understanding your background to make informed and fair decisions. However, leaving some fields blank is unlikely to significantly harm your chances of admission, so you should ultimately make a decision that both you and your parents are comfortable with.

Good luck with your application!

5 months ago

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